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Introducing Cleaning Business in a Box!

Your ultimate companion on the journey to entrepreneurship in the cleaning industry!

Picture this: You have the drive, the ambition, and the dedication to start your own cleaning service, but you’re unsure where to begin. That’s where Cleaning Business in a Box steps in, offering you a comprehensive toolkit meticulously crafted to streamline every aspect of launching and managing your cleaning enterprise.

Imagine having access to pre-designed Business Plan Templates, meticulously tailored to guide you through market analysis, financial projections, and operational strategies with ease. With these resources at your fingertips, you can confidently chart your path to success, armed with the insights and strategies needed to thrive in the competitive cleaning market.

But that’s not all – Cleaning Business in a Box goes above and beyond by providing you with invaluable Legal and Regulatory Guidance, ensuring you navigate the complexities of business registration, permits, licenses, and compliance requirements seamlessly. Say goodbye to bureaucratic headaches and hello to a smooth, hassle-free startup process.

And when it comes to spreading the word about your stellar cleaning services, we’ve got you covered with Marketing Materials that are as polished as your pristine surfaces. From eye-catching business cards to captivating flyers and digital marketing assets, you’ll have everything you need to showcase your business and attract a steady stream of loyal customers.

But what truly sets Cleaning Business in a Box apart is its comprehensive Operations Manual, offering you step-by-step guides and checklists for managing every facet of your daily operations. From scheduling and customer communication to quality control and beyond, you’ll have the tools and resources needed to run your business like a well-oiled machine.

And let’s not forget about Pricing Strategies – with insights on competitive pricing models and strategies to maximize profitability while remaining competitive in the market, you’ll be poised to strike the perfect balance between value and affordability, ensuring your business thrives in any economic climate.

But perhaps most importantly, Cleaning Business in a Box equips you with the Training Resources needed to elevate your cleaning techniques, safety protocols, and customer service to unparalleled heights. With access to top-notch training materials for you and your staff, you’ll deliver exceptional results that keep your clients coming back for more.

With Financial Tools to track expenses, income, and manage cash flow effectively, and Customer Acquisition Strategies to help you acquire new clients and retain existing ones, Cleaning Business in a Box truly is the solution if you want to succeed in the lucrative world of professional cleaning services.



Home Cleaning


Commercial Cleaning


Construction Cleaning


Auto Detailing

So, what are you waiting for?

Take the first step towards entrepreneurial success today with Cleaning Business in a Box – your key to unlocking a world of opportunity in the thriving cleaning industry!

What's in the Box?

Getting Started

We’ll start at the very beginning. Walking you through your business plan, your vision, and all the paperwork you need to get your business started.

Full Access

With full access to our Business Growth Course, and one-on-one training sessions with a pro, you’ll be on the fast track to making your dream business a reality.


We’ll design your logo and business cards. This combined with a full package of marketing templates will give you everything you need to start getting in front of the right people.


To make sure you’re always in the right place at the right time, we’ll set you up on social media. This way you can easily run your business anytime, anywhere.

Available Business in a Box Packages



$4997/once off
  • Logo, business card template, digital business card, website, mini branding guide
  • Marketing &, business templates
  • Social media Platform setup
  • A comprehensive growth course includes business planning, marketing, finance, operations, HR & legal
  • Startup toolkit with templates for planning, contracts, accounting, HR, etc.
  • Our robust CRM ( DIGGI) – everything you need to help run your business.
  • Automation to connect your business and prepare for growth.
  • Tech support included
  • Weekly training in a private Facebook group focuses on sustainable revenue.
  • We cover scaling your business, individual concerns, sales, customer service, and marketing.
  • Weekly sessions include Q&A and one-on-one consulting.
  • Access to expert advisors: finance, marketing, law, and more
  • Ongoing community of peers and WOG team for support


*Some tools may incur additional costs

Business in a Box gives you the opportunity to take control of your own finances, be your own boss, and earn an income on your own terms.

This is your chance to have the future you’ve always dreamed of!

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